Webgate Beta Program

Love using new features before anybody else can? Want to provide feedback and help make Webgate even better? Join our beta testing community!

What can I expect?

As one of our beta testers, you will see new features before they become public! By beta testing, you’ll become an important part of the development. Your participation and feedback will help us release a better version of Webgate.

We try to get all the bugs out of our updates before we roll out a beta version, but we’re not perfect. Once you start using the beta version of Webgate, please be sure to reach out to us with feedback, bug reports, and suggestions, either via our beta program Slack channel or via the contact form on the homepage. The information that comes from our beta testers is integral to our product and will be taken into account during development. We appreciate your help!


What is a beta version?

A beta (also called “prototype service”) is a version of a software that is available to a small testing group of users before it’s released to the general public. Betas may not have all the features that end up in a general release. Beta testing answers the most important questions at the end of the development process: does this software meet our users’ expectations, and should we ship it?

How do I become a beta tester?

As soon as you sign up, we will reach out to you via email and provide all the information you need.

Are there any costs?

No. It is free to participate in the beta program.

Will I lose any data if I switch to the beta version or leave the program?

Switching to the beta version is the same as a typical update, so you won’t lose any data or settings.

Who can become a beta tester?

The betas are available to anyone who has an Webgate account and is interested in testing our software and providing feedback to our engineering team.

Do I receive compensation for joining the program or testing your product?

No. There is no compensation for your participation.

Is beta software confidential?

Yes. All of the functionality you access through our beta program is confidential information. As a beta tester, you’ll be able to use features that haven’t been released to the public. These features could become available to the public in the future. We ask that you don’t publicize or share the features you’re testing until they’re publicly launched.

How do I provide feedback?

For some beta testing, we will ask for your feedback in surveys sent to your email. For other betas, we may ask you to engage with other testers in a closed, private forum.

How can I leave the beta program?

Don't want to test the beta features of Webgate anymore? No problem. Just let us know via our contact form.