The optimal metadata workflow

Manage metadata with Webgate

Metadata is an essential part of every production. Webgate provides the ideal workflow. Import metadata from ALE files or assign metadata on your own.

Scene and Take display

And action: See scene and take information for every shot. Circle takes are labeled separately in the timeline. Sort clips in a playlist in ascending order by scene or name and search for individual scenes using the metadata search.

Import ALE metadata

Automatic Import: Import metadata via Avid Log Exchange files (ALEs) into Webgate and add further information manually. Our open standard allows importing all fields of an ALE file. Find further information on the ALE format in our FAQs.

QC Comments

All comments at a glance: Use ALE files to import comments from a quality control (QC) into Webgate. All QC comments are displayed on the comment page of the Webgate Player and can be accessed directly. Only users with the corresponding rights can view comments. Export all comments for further editing as Avid marker or text files, or as Adobe XMP.