Visual watermarking for pre-release content and video distribution

Webgate is your video distribution service to securely provide pre-release, video review and other streaming content. The visual watermark protects against the illegal distribution of your sensitive content and makes it traceable through personalisation.


Be creative - we take care of the rest

The protection and accessibility of highly sensitive and valuable content is essential for the film industry. Supported by experts from the film industry we have analysed problems and needs. Based on the results we have automated workflows. We take care of the creation of password and email lists, automate the rendering of personalised videos and protect your streaming content against unauthorised access - so that you can concentrate on your creative work.

The Webgate workflow

Any video data you provide will be processed automatically. The selected watermark will be burned into every frame of the video. Our render engine optimises the videos and media for streaming, whether for mobile devices, tablets or PC and Mac. At the same time we pay the greatest attention to image and sound quality.

Watermark workflow

Team members or authorised individuals can view your videos and films after logging in or after receiving a Directlink invitation. Depending on their authorisation your team may also download, comment, vote, draw in frames and much more.

Watermarks per user

Automatic watermarks for team members

Choose the most suitable watermark setting for your project. Secure your videos with a global project watermark or choose an individual watermark per project member. Following an upload to your project our transcoder cluster automatically renders all data required for a protected playback of your media.

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Dailies video review

Protect shared content with watermarks

Webgate Directlinks allow direct access without registration. Send screener, approval and press links and choose from a variety of security settings, i.e. one-time passwords, tracking and individual watermarking. Our multi-layer watermarks facilitate the combination of image watermarks with individual text watermarks per invitation or user.

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