Video feedback tool

A successful film project is based on excellent team performance. In order not to lose any time in decision-making processes, editors, directors and producers need to work together as closely and efficiently as possible. This is where the Video Feedback and Video Review Tool,, comes in to facilitate ideal teamwork. We will explain what a video feedback tool is and what you will need it for.

Video Review Approval and Feedback Tool

Simplified teamwork and collaboration with a video feedback tool

The members of a film team often work from different locations. This makes voting on, for example, rough cuts or final edits more complicated. However, with the right resources, the challenges of globally distributed creatives and decision makers can be successfully met. For smooth feedback loops, a common exchange platform is required so that every team member has access to the relevant data. This platform must guarantee that footage can easily be viewed and feedback on the data be given directly.

A video feedback tool like offers a film production exactly these opportunities. Additionally, every member will be informed once new material has been uploaded.

For more precise feedback: Comment directly in the video

As soon as a decision-maker, e.g. the director or producer, has reviewed and commented on an edit, the feedback must be applied in the editing system. Either this exchange can happen in an analogue feedback process: by typing hundreds of pages in Word with manually noted timecodes, or by just using the right tool.

A video player for video reviews

The video player of the film industry

To help you with video review and quality control (QC), offers a frame-accurate video player designed specifically to meet the challenges of the film industry. In addition to the standard functions, the video player offers the following options:

The image formats 2.39, 2.00, 1.85, 1.78 and 1.33:1 can be displayed as video matte. In addition to the image format in red, the 5% Safe Title Area in blue is also placed over the video. Control the image format as well as the positioning of titles and banners. Alternatively to the lines, a crop can be activated, which surrounds the image formats with a black border.

With the zoom function you can enlarge parts of your video during playback to be able to judge details.

You can also navigate forwards and backwards frame by frame and change the playback speed forwards and backwards, supported by various keyboard shortcuts.

Video Collaboration Tool

Review. Feedback. Frame by Frame.

With a review and feedback tool like this exchange is smoother, faster, and printer friendly. Comments can be made directly on any single frame or on in- and out-points. Comments on frames or between in- and out-points are displayed on the timeline and can be accessed directly from there. To get the feedback into one systematic thread, you can also reply to specific comments.

Freehand feedback: Some comments are better drawn than written. Draw, mark and sketch your concern – simply and unmistakably.

Besides the ability to draw directly into the image, you can also attach files to comments. This way, images as well as any other data can be exchanged.

You can answer on all comments and drawings and mark comments as done. Once marked as done you can hide all done comments for a better overview of your work progress.

Video commenting tool

Video collaboration without registration

Make your video approval tool. If feedback is to be collected from external parties, a Directlink with feedback option is created and sent to the stakeholder via email. Neither a user account nor a login is required to view the content and leave comments or ratings.

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Video Review Tool with comment export

Export and import comments

All comments are in one place and every authorized member of the team is informed about relevant feedback. If the suggested changes are to be implemented in the editing process, offers the option to export those comments for various editing systems.

Turn feedback into action: For further editing, export all comments as Avid Markers, XMPs or Final Cut XMLs for every single clip. For a list view you can also export a txt or comma separated value (csv) file, including all comments of all clips of your playlist. This can be of great help, especially for VFX reviews with many clips per playlist.

If you have markers in the timeline of your editing or color grading system, you can easily import those to clips as well. You have the possibility to import markers as Avid markers .xml and .txt, Davinci Resolve .edl, Final Cut Pro .xml and Premiere Pro .csv.

Kanban Board

Kanban Boards

With the Kanban boards in, we provide you and your team with a new collaborative project management tool. Discuss, collect feedback on tasks and create to-do lists in your team. See who is working on what briefly, and how far advanced the individual parts of your project are.

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Organization and order are essential

Make your virtual workspace and online storage: In a film project there are numerous playlists, galleries, documents and files, which all need to be organized. For this purpose, higher-level rooms can be created in which the data can be organized within a classic folder structure. It is upon every team to decide who has access to which area, and who has authorization for what.

Safety first with a video feedback tool

Film productions deal with highly sensitive data. If the data falls into the wrong hands, the economic damage is enormous. The advantage of as an online platform, compared to a physical medium, is that the production company has complete control over who has access to the data and can change the access rights immediately and at any time. As further protection against unauthorised distribution, also offers password-protected links with personalized watermarks, where the recipient's name is burnt into the content.

Up to date – whatever happens

Keeping track of the current state of affairs becomes a more complex and larger task for each team member as the complexity and size of a film project increases. To never miss anything important every team member can subscribe to any kind of content. This can be newly created playlists, but also clips, uploaded data or set comments. All information on news and changes happening in created and subscribed projects can be found behind the bell symbol.

Fast forward for film projects

Of course, a film project can also be successfully completed without a video feedback tool. However, for multi-site feedback loops, it is advisable to use the appropriate film production tool in order to get to the finishing line faster, professionally and efficiently. provides the tools for improved communication and organisation between team members for film productions of all sizes, TV shows, TV films, series and feature films. Every member stays up to date about relevant changes in the project and important feedback reaches the right people - fast forwarding every film project.

A shout-out to keyboard shortcuts

Place a comment? Find a comment? Jump from clip to clip? – Just a shortcut away.

Start/stop video
Backward playback / Increase backward playback
Stop video
Play / Increase playback rate
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Next frame
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10 seconds forward
10 seconds rewind
5 seconds forward
5 seconds rewind
2 seconds forward
2 seconds rewind
1, 2, 3 ...
Type for example »01« and press enter to navigate to timecode 01:00:00:00. Pressing Esc abborts the timecode navigation.
If you have a valid timecode in your clipboard, you can paste it into the player to navigate to the specified timecode. This feature is only available for current versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Opera.
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