FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about your Account


How do I gain acccess to an existing Webgate.io project?

To gain access to Webgate.io you need to be invited by a Webgate.io project administrator. In order to obtain an invitation to a project you would like to contribute to, please contact its project administrator.


How can I book Webgate.io?

We would be very pleased to welcome you as a new Webgate.io customer.
Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs and request a plan online or contact us at help@webgate.io. You can experience all of Webgate.io’s features with our 'free trial'.


How do I get an Webgate.io account?

'Start a free trial' or sign up on our homepage and enter the required information. You will receive an activation email after you have submitted the registration form.


I can’t log in. What can I do about it?

This could occur due to multiple reasons. Possible solutions are:

You forgot your login name?
Instead of using your login name you can also sign in with your registered email address. If you don’t remember your email address either, please contact our support team at help@webgate.io.

You forgot your password?
In this case please click on the link 'Forgot password?' within the login window. Now enter your email address which you used to sign up for Webgate.io and you will receive an email containing a link, which lets you set a new password.

You didn’t receive an email to set a new password?
Please check the spam folder in your inbox, in case our email was mistakenly considered spam. If this is not the case please contact our support team at help@webgate.io.

You have completed the registration process but still cannot login?
If the error message 'Your login name or password is incorrect' is displayed at a login attempt after you have completed the registration, this might be the result of a missing activation of your account. Please check your email inbox for a second email from Webgate.io with subject 'Please activate your account'. Click the link within this email to finish the activation. Now you should be able to log into your account. Please contact the person who invited you to Webgate.io in case further problems occur. The inviter’s name can be found in the invitation email.


How can I change my password?

In order to change your password, please sign in with your current account data.

Click on your user name within the header of our homepage and select 'My Profile', choose 'Change password' on the left hand side of the page and fill in the presented form.

Submit your newly entered password by pressing the 'change password'-button.


How can I change my profile information?

Prior to changing your profile data, you need to log in using your current account credentials. After successfully signing in, please click on your user name in the header section and select 'My Profile'. Choose 'Change profile data' on the left hand side of the page, alter the information you would like to change and submit the changes by clicking on the 'Change'-button.


How do I remove a user from my project as a project admin?

Visit the Webgate.io admin area, select the desired user and remove all of the user’s roles in all areas/rooms. Now this particular user no longer has access to your project. It also disappears from the user overview of your project.

Questions about Webgate.io


How to resume an incomplete upload?

To resume an incomplete upload, visit the browser view and click on the context menu located next to the unfinished file. Now select 'reupload file' and the upload will continue from where it was interrupted.


Is it possible to create a playlist from an uploaded video file?

To create a playlist from an already uploaded video file, change to the browser view and click on the pen next to the desired video file. Now select 'Add shared file as clip to playlist' or 'Create playlist for clip'.


Is it possible to receive files from someone without a Webgate.io account?

Yes, exchanging files with people without an Webgate.io account is possible. In order to do so, create a folder, click on the context menu right next to the newly created folder and select 'Create Upload Directlink'. During the creation process you can set a validity period and a password. Furthermore you can choose whether or not you want to receive a notification as soon as someone uploads any files using this Upload Directlink. Now you only need to share this Directlink e.g. via email.


Is it possible to upload a DCP and convert it to a playlist?

Webgate.io supports the conversion of unencrypted DCPs with one reel.

In order to convert a DCP into a playlist, please follow these steps:

Zip the DCP into a .zip file containing all associated meta data. Select 'Add File' in the Webgate.io browser view and upload the .zip file. As soon as the gear is no longer displayed, click on the pen on the right hand side of the .zip file and select 'Create playlist for clip'.

Webgate.io now converts the DCP into the predefined streaming and download formats and takes care of the X’Y’Z’ to R’G’B’ REC709 conversion.


How do I move a file, folder, playlist or gallery via Drag & Drop?

Grab the file, folder, playlist or gallery, which you would like to move, on the left edge of the gray shaded area and drag it into the desired folder within the tree view on the left hand side of the browser view.


How can I display a preview of a file?

Move your mouse over the symbol to the left of the file name. As you hover above the symbol the tool tip 'Show preview' is displayed'. Now click with the left mouse button and a preview of that file will appear.


Can I delete linked files without deleting their source file?

Deleting linked files will not affect their source files. Deleting the link source however leads to the deletion of all linked versions.


How do I search for files?

To search for files, use the search box located on the left hand side beneath the tree view. Enter the file name into the field 'name' and a search is initiated. You can also search through all subfolders by activating the checkbox 'include subfolders' next to the search button.


How can I upload metadata to Webgate.io?

It is possible to add metadata to clips in a playlist. The metadata can be uploaded in the form of an ALE (Avid Log Exchange file) with the file extension .ALE. The ALE file is simply uploaded to a playlist along with the clips. It is also possible to subsequently upload an ALE file. To do this, click Add clips via the context menu next to a playlist and upload the ALE file to the playlist. All metadata will be applied from an ALE file. Some fields should have certain syntax, so that the metadata can be correctly translated into the structural metadata of Webgate.io. The syntax is as follows:

Scene: Scene or Scene / Slate
Take: Take
Episode: Episode
Reel or ReelName: Reel
Shoot Date: Shoot date
Shoot Day: Shoot day
Circled Take, Good Take, Selected or Name ending on *: Print (1 or Yes), Non Print (0 or No)

For metadata mapping, it is important that the beginning of the filename of a playlist clip match the 'Tape' or 'Source File' fields.

Questions about Directlinks


How do I search for Directlinks?

To perform a search on all Directlinks, click on 'Directlinks' at the bottom of the browser view and choose 'Search'. Enter the Directlink’s access code (last 16 hexadigits of the link) or the entire link and click 'Search for Directlink'.


How can I add objects to a Directlink subsequently?

Search for the Directlink via 'Directlinks' – 'Search' or show all Directlinks via 'Directlinks' – 'Show all'.

Click on the pen symbol right of the Directlink and select 'Add new items'. Select the items that you want to add in the pop-up and click 'Add'.

Questions about the video player


How can I enable fullscreen on the iPad?

Simply do a zoom on the video preview with two fingers. Place two fingers next to each other on the video preview and swipe the fingers away from each other.


My Internet Explorer plays videos without sound. What can I do?

Check the multimedia settings in your Internet Explorer.

Select the menu item 'Internet Options'. In the 'Advanced' tab under 'Multimedia' check 'Play sounds on Webpages' and then apply your changes.

If you still hear no sound, switch to another browser.

Questions about two factor authentication


Why 2FA?

While a login with email/password provides basic security, a password can be stoelen which might open access to Webgate.io and the contents stored within Webgate.io to unauthorised people.

A second factor increases security and denies login with a stolen password in most cases.


Which second factors does Webgate.io support?

Webgate.io allows to use authenticator apps or SMS as a second factor. SMS support is limited to most european countries at the moment.

Webgate.io support any standard authenticator app such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy etc.


How do I setup 2FA?

From your profile choose the «Two-factor Authentication» tab. On the Two-factor Authentication page you can select the type of second factor you want to use.

We suggest to use an Authenticator application if you have a smart phone. In this case, the next page shows an QR code that can be scanned with the Authenticator app.

In order to confirm that the account was set up correctly in the authenticator app, you have to provide the code, provided by the app, and your password.

Next you can provide a mobile phone number as a fallback method in case you do not have access to the authenticator app.

Again the phone number needs to be approved using a one time password sent by SMS


What happens if I lose my second factor?

If you lose your authenticator app, you can use the SMS fallback (if you provided and approved a mobile phone number) or one of the backup codes. Note that backup codes can be used only once.

In case of SMS it should be possible to restore access to the phone number even if you lose the phone and SIM card.

If you can provide none of the second factor options, you cannot login in any more.