Share files and media via Directlink

Share content from the Webgate cloud storage and your dailies projects with people without an Webgate account. Send your work, photos, films, audio data and other media all over the world. Protect your ideas with watermarks, track access, collect feedback and stay in control of your data.

Filesharing via Directlink

What is a Directlink?

A Directlink allows you to share content. Directlinks can include folder structures, individual files, playlists and galleries or a combination of different media. Webgate will create a non-public web link that grants access to your content. You can use additional security features to protect this link or restrict it to certain people.

Filesharing for the film industry and other creative minds

The Webgate Directlinks solve the problems of the film industry and all those who handle large amounts of data and where security is of the utmost importance. In close cooperation with leading creative people in the film industry, solutions have been developed that are truly unique.

The basic Directlink features

  • No file size limit
  • Unlimited transfers, invitations and accesses
  • Password protection and one time passwords
  • Restrict validity and accesses
  • Video rendering with personalized watermarks
  • Notifications and tracking
  • Comments and votes

That is what makes Webgate your feedback and delivery tool. We ensure a streamlined workflow - whether during preproduction, rushes streaming, postproduction or your daily data exchange.

Directlink tracking

Access control and tracking

Create a public link that can be accessed by anyone who receives the link, or limit access to invited people. Thanks to the flexible access control of the invited people, you decide who can access your data: grant and deny access at any time.

An extensive monitoring can be activated using our access protocol. The time and approximate location of the visitors to your Directlink will be recorded. We use the IP Geolocation from DB-IP to show you the location and country of the visitors. Additionally a notification can be sent to you as soon as your content is accessed.


The Directlink Wizard

Webgate guides you step by step through the creation of a directlink. This makes secure sharing easy as a breath!

The setting options are grouped thematically according to basic settings, access settings, recipients and video settings. In the last step you get a summary, to make sure that everything is set exactly the way you want it.

After completion, we automatically prepare everything! Depending on the settings, we render videos with watermarks or in new resolutions, send invitations, generate one-time passwords and notify you about accesses.


Voting, commenting and drawing

Optimize your feedback loops: upload videos or pictures, create a Directlink with comment function and invite people to join. The recipient can immediately leave frame-accurate comments and draw on the picture or video.

The approval process is as quick, practical and efficient as it can be! This makes Webgate the feedback tool you need, no matter if you are logged in or not.

With the optional voting function, decisions become straightforward for you and your team.

Learn more about comments
Manage your Directlinks

Managing Directlinks

Your current Directlinks are displayed in a dashboard. You can search for Directlinks, filter according to certain preferences and mark important links as favorites. Batch processing allows you to edit several Directlinks at once, as well as resetting or deleting visitor counts.

You have already sent a Directlink and still want to change something? You can add objects to a Directlink later on.

If you are in your Webgate cloud storage, the share symbol indicates a file that belongs to a Directlink.

Automatic watermarking

Individual watermarks from multiple layers

Use our multi-layered watermarks for uncompromising security. Protect and personalise your films and media with both a graphic watermark and free text.

Choose your settings; we do the rest! Once the automatic rendering is complete, we will send out your invitations and inform you that the job is finished.

The people invited to your Directlink will receive a video with an individual watermark. We don't just put the watermark on videos, but burn the watermark into each individual frame. This way the watermark offers maximum security and cannot be easily removed.

More about watermarking

Collect data via upload Directlink

Create upload Directlinks and have users without an Webgate account upload files into your project. With the notification function activated, you will be informed about an upload by email.

No file size limitation here either! Ideal for film festivals and all those who collect DCPs, films and original camera data.