Webgate.io for students

The collaboration platform for creatives and the filmmakers of tomorrow

As a student in the film industry you outgrow yourself each and every day. Your path is paved with challenges and projects. Projects that will improve your professional skills and provide experience, that you proudly present at festivals or creative competitions and which represent your outstanding achievements. We would like to accompany you along the way and support your project and ease collaboration with all parties involved. We have put together special student packages for you to claim.

Student offers

We make it easy for you to share and back up your data without file size limitations, so your movie won't be lost due to a faulty hard drive. Use Kanban boards to manage tasks, keep track of responsibilities and progress and identify problems at an early state. View and share content without quality losses. From pre-production to post-production and beyond, our many features for the film industry make your life a little easier.

You are eligible for an Webgate.io Student package if you:

  • are currently enrolled in a degree or diploma program at an accredited film school or similar educational institution.
  • have a verified university email address or can provide documents confirming your current enrollment.
  • are of the age required by law to consent to the collection and processing of your personal information (in the EU you must be at least 16 years old).

Your perks and benefits when using Webgate.io:

  • Use Webgate.io for your student projects and work with the dailies and post-production tool that is widely used in the film industry
  • Improve collaboration in your project teams
  • Access to the files you need regardless of location and device
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Exchange via a central collaboration platform
  • Discover everything Webgate.io has to offer (without limitations) and benefit from more favourable terms
  • Take a look at all of our features.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


How can I subscribe to a student plan and how much does it cost?

Please send us an e-mail, ideally from your university e-mail address, to help@webgate.io and describe your request. We are sure to find a suitable solution to support you in your project.


Can I use my student subscription at the university?

Sure, just log on to a computer at your university and start browsing your Webgate.io projects.


Can I share my student subscription with friends?

You can add an unlimited number of participants to your Webgate.io projects.


Can I use a student subscription with an existing Webgate.io account?

No. Please send us an e-mail from your university e-mail address to help@webgate.io and we will help you to open a new account.


How does the student subscription differ from the full version?

The subscription packages are the same as the full versions of Webgate.io, except that you get the packages at a reduced price.