Playlist Items

Playlist items associate and order clips within a playlist.

id Integer 1 Unique numeric identifier
clip_id Integer 15 Identifier of the associated Clip. When creating playlist items this id can be specified to add an existing clip to a playlist. If it is omitted, a new (empty) clip is created instead. See the description of the Clip resource below to find out why.
playlist_id Integer 7 Identifier of the associated Playlist
position Integer 1 Position of the item within the playlist. Position numbering starts at 1. When this attribute is omitted in a POST request, the item will be appended to the playlist. Otherwise it will be inserted at the specified position and all other items' positions change.
List GET /projects/{project_id}/folders/{folder_id}/playlists/{playlist_id}/items -
Show GET /projects/{project_id}/folders/{folder_id}/playlists/{playlist_id}/items/{id} -
Create POST /projects/{project_id}/folders/{folder_id}/playlists/{playlist_id}/items necessary data: {"playlist_id":playlist_id}
Update PUT /projects/{project_id}/folders/{folder_id}/playlists/{playlist_id}/items/{id} necessary data: {updatable_attr : new value}
Destroy DELETE /projects/{project_id}/folders/{folder_id}/playlists/{playlist_id}/items/{id} -

Important notice on creating an playlist_item

action "Create"

If no clip_id is given, the creation of a playlist_item will also generate a new clip! This so generated clip will be "empty", i.e. it will only contain metadata, like the name of the clip. Please have a look into the "Upload" paragraph for further explanation.

This is meant to have the possibility to add an existing clip multiple times to the same, or different, playlists.
Thus, passing a clip_id will create a new playlist_item and add the given clip_id, resp. the clip, to it. If the clip exists.