Access control

We know how important it is to secure your high valuable content, especially when collaborating with lots of people. This applies if you're using as video feedback and review tool or cloud based file hosting platform.

Therefore, offers a Role-based Access Control. You can use our predefined roles or create your own roles. These roles can be customized using our permission system. These roles can be customized based on permissions such as viewing content or the ability to upload files. Organization, Project, Room concept Organization, Project, Room concept

Understanding roles

To understand the role system, you need to understand the structure of Every user can be part of multiple organizations. Each organization can host multiple projects, and each project can have multiple rooms. Roles always belong to one of these objects.

In the default setup an organization-admin can manage the organization, its projects and rooms. A project-admin can manage the project and its rooms. A room-admin can manage only the specific room. In addition to the Admin role, there are other roles such as Members, which will be discussed in more detail later.

User sidebar User sidebar

How can I assign roles to my collaborators?

The central place where you manage your content and collaborators is the browser. On the left side you will find a tree structure. Here you can select your projects and rooms. After you have selected a project or room, you can open the users' sidebar on the right side. Here you can see who already has access to the currently selected content and you can add new users.

When adding a user, you can choose which role should be assigned to the new user. Existing users can be edited and roles can be removed or added. To achieve this, you need to open the user context menu (three dots).

Role sidebar Role sidebar

How to manage roles?

Just below the users sidebar, you will find the roles sidebar. Here you see your current role. If you may manage the project, you are allowed to edit roles. Then you see a list of existing roles. On the small arrow in front of each role, you can toggle the roles' permissions. These permissions can be enabled or disabled for each role. But be careful, if you change a role that is already assigned, the change will become active immediately for all users with the corresponding role.

You can also open the role manager via the context menu of each project or room. default roles

Here you find an overview of the roles available in Webgate, and their standard authorisations. These roles may be conveniently adapted. In addition, special roles may be created.

Member User Room
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