Some resources (such as clips) can be associated with metadata. That metadata is usually not part of the resource itself, but instead managed as a separate resource called "metadata", nested under the resource's path.

In the URL examples below {resource_path} represents the path to the resource metadata is managed for.

id Integer 1 Unique numeric identifier
type String camera Type of metadata. See below.
* Type-specific attributes. See below.
List all possible distinct filters GET /projects/{project_id}/metadata/filters -
List GET {resource_path}/metadata -
Create POST {resource_path}/metadata necessary data: {"metadata":{"type" : "some type", "some attribute" : "attribute value"}}
Update PUT {resource_path}/metadata/{id} necessary data: {"metadata":{"type" : "some type", "some attribute" : "new attribute value"}}
Destroy DELETE {resource_path}/metadata/{id} -

Example for filters:

POST /api/projects/6/metadata/filters HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer example-token
Content-Type: application/json


HTTP/1.1 200
  "status": 200,
  "status_message": "OK",
  "info": "",
  "data": {
      "hash": {
          "reel": [],
          "scene": [
          "shoot_date": [],
          "take": [
          "playlists": {
              "123": "playlist 1",
              "234": "playlist 2"


Add camera metadata to a clip

POST /api/projects/6/clips/1162/metadata HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer example-token
Content-Type: application/json

{"metadata":{"type":"camera", "label":"example label"}}


HTTP/1.1 201 Created
  "status": 201,
  "status_message": "Created",
  "info": "",
  "data": {"mediametadata":{"id":70583,"media_id":1162,"media_type":"Clip","metadata_id":37,"metadata_type":"CameraMetadata"}}


All metadata resources have a type attribute, which can take one of the following values:

  • camera
  • content
  • copyright
  • image
  • lens
  • object (for unstructured metadata, e.g. ALE)
  • structure
  • video

When updating metadata, changing the type results in an error.

All of the above types have their own set of attributes. Specifying attributes that aren't part of the type-specific attribute set results in an error.

angle float
camera_attributes string
brightness float
cdl_mode string
cdl_offset_blue float
cdl_offset_green float
cdl_offset_red float
cdl_power_blue float
cdl_power_green float
cdl_power_red float
cdl_slope_blue float
cdl_slope_green float
cdl_slope_red float
clip_name string
color_processing_version string
color_space string
contrast float
custom_pd_log_blackpoint float
custom_pd_log_gamma float
custom_pd_log_whitepoint float
dynamic_metadata_version string
edge_timecode string
exposure_compensation string
exposure_index_asa integer
exposure_time float
eye_index integer
firmware_version string
format string
gain_blue float
gain_green float
gain_red float
gamma float
gamma_curve string
gamma_for_cdl string
gamma_sxs string
gamut string
hdr_mode string
index string
label string
look string
look_file_active string
look_file_burned_in string
look_file_xml text
look_lut_crc string
look_lut_mode string
look_lut_offset string
look_lut_size integer
master_tc string
master_tc_drop_frame string
master_tc_framecount integer
master_tc_timebase float
mirror_shutter_running string
model string
move string
network_name string
original_filename string
pin string
project_fps float
recorder_type string
saturation float
sensor_fps float
sensor_name string
serialnumber string
sharpness float
shutter_angle float
shutter_fractions integer
smpteumid string
software_version string
storage_media_serialnumber string
sup_name string
system_image_creation_date datetime
tint float
type_id string
uuid string
wb_applied_in_camera string
wb_factor_blue float
wb_factor_green float
wb_factor_red float
white_balance float
white_balance_cc float
file_name string
caption string
caption_writer string
country string
era string
headline string
production string
production_company string
rating float
copyright string
copyright_notice string
copyright_url string
credit string
provider string
rights_usage_terms string
source string
color_space string
components_configuration string
compressed_bits_per_pixel integer
compression string
exposure_bias float
exposure_time float
flash string
f_number float
focal_length float
max_aperture_value float
metering_mode string
mode string
orientation string
pixel_x_dimension integer
pixel_y_dimension integer
resolution_unit string
software string
x_resolution float
y_resolution float
encoder_lim_focal_lds_max float
encoder_lim_focal_lds_min float
encoder_lim_focal_motor_max float
encoder_lim_focal_motor_min float
encoder_lim_focus_lds_max float
encoder_lim_focus_lds_min float
encoder_lim_focus_motor_max float
encoder_lim_focus_motor_min float
encoder_lim_iris_lds_max float
encoder_lim_iris_lds_min float
encoder_lim_iris_motor_max float
encoder_lim_iris_motor_min float
focal_length float
focus_distance float
focus_unit string
iris float
lag_type string
lag_value string
model string
nd_filter_density float
nd_filter_type string
raw_encoder_focal_lds float
raw_encoder_focal_motor float
raw_encoder_focus_lds float
raw_encoder_focus_motor float
raw_encoder_iris_lds float
raw_encoder_iris_motor float
serialnumber string
lens_type string
For unstructured metadata (e.g. ALE)
properties text
    "type": "object",
    "custom key 1": "custom value 1",
    "custom key 2": "custom value 2"
reel string
reel_number integer
scene string
shot string
circled_take string
take string
shoot_date string
tray string
shoot_day string
episode string
active_height integer
active_left integer
active_top integer
active_width integer
alpha_mode string
alpha_premutliple_color string
alpha_unity_is_transparent string
aspect_ratio float
compressor string
data_rate integer
duration integer
field_order string
frame_count integer
frame_rate float
height integer
image_flip string
pixel_aspect_ratio float
pixel_depth integer
pull_down string
start_timecode string
width integer