ALE meets ARRI Webgate: The new import function

Now transfer metadata into ARRI Webgate with Avid Log Exchange files (ALE's) and show circle take information in the timeline.

Key information such as Scene, Slate, Take, Episode, Reel, Shoot Date, Shoot Day and Circle Take are immediately available. For a quick overview the Scene- and Take information is displayed in the thumbnails of the shots in ARRI Webgate.

New: From now on the Circle Takes are tagged in the timeline.

Metadata not only helps you in ARRI Webgate but also unlocks many handy features in our upcoming Dailies Player App for iOS. Check back soon in the ARRI Webgate blog to inform you about upcoming metadata updates. We have a few more surprises for you in the pipeline. For more detailed information about the ALE handling please visit our FAQs.

Published at: November 22, 2017 09:00 AM

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