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Zip streaming in ARRI Webgate? Of course!
Zipping files to download them afterwards can be a tedious and lengthy proposition when the data volumes are large. But that's now a thing of the past with ARRI Webgate. Because with zip streaming, a file can be downloaded onto your computer while it is being compressed – simultaneously instead of consecutively. That makes your download faster and easier. Waiting for the Zip file to be finished is now history, and we are making something come true that our customers have been wanting for a long time.

Another benefit: The folder hierarchy remains in place when creating the Zip file, and is not removed as used to be the case when zipping, which would cause the files from different subfolders to end up in the same folder. This means more clarity, which saves you time and stress.
If the topic of directories and folder structures is of interest to you, we also have an article about how to share folder structures via Directlink .

Zip streaming is making mass downloads obsolete
And at the same time we can say goodbye to the mass download thanks to zip streaming. This also solves the problem that some browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, always asked where every single individual file was to be saved to.
This isn't a must though. Individual files can still be downloaded as always by clicking on the file.

Published at: March 27, 2020 02:00 PM

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