Transferring immediate dailies from Silverstack Lab to ARRI Webgate

Dailies can now be sent even faster and easier with the new link between Silverstack Lab and ARRI Webgate.

Silverstack is the standard software on filmsets for data wranglers and DITs. Silverstack Lab is the flagship of the Silverstack product family. In addition to enabling controlled, checksum-based offloads, Silverstack Lab also makes automatic audio-synch, color grading and quality control possible, and has a high-performance transcoding engine. And that's where ARRI Webgate comes into the picture.

Silverstack Lab now has an interface to ARRI Webgate. Dailies can now be uploaded directly from the set into ARRI Webgate from Silverstack Lab, with precise timecodes and all the key metadata. You simply connect the two tools up to each other, and immediately you can access ARRI Webgate from within Silverstack Lab. That means that you can put together an ARRI Webgate playlist for the day of shooting in question, in Silverstack Lab, and upload the desired clips. There is no faster way to send dailies around.

Use cases:

The fastest track to graded dailies
The image and sound data on set converge at the DIT. In Silverstack Lab, the information about the scene/shot and take is issued and cirlce takes are marked. The dailies are graded, auto synched and proxies are rendered. The graded dailies are then uploaded to ARRI Webgate including the metadata.

Quick and dirty
Even if you don't have time for grading on set, the new link can still add value. Sometimes it is not the look but the actor at the focus of your considerations. For instance, it is also conceivable to generate ungraded dailies or dailies with a Lookfile, and upload them into ARRI Webgate immediately after the offload. These "pre-dailies" can then be unlocked in ARRI Webgate for individual people only, such as the director who wants to view the dailies right after the end of shooting. As soon as the dailies are graded, they can replace the ungraded dailies and unlocked for everyone else.

The shortcut to post production
Normally, if you want to deliver shots from the set to post production for a grading test, you need a courier because the internet connection is too slow for the OCD upload. Logarithmic proxies can also be the fastest way to send data to post production, as these can be sent well through the internet, and if the data rate is sufficient they can be enough for an initial assessment or look test by a colorist. That is now also an option with the new link from Silverstack Lab to ARRI Webgate.

We love it. Hopefully you will too.

More about this and the corresponding workflow can be found here .

Published at: March 11, 2021 08:37 AM

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