A step-by-step guide to configuring directlinks

Your feedback drives us – We are very happy to present to you the new Directlink Wizard.

What does the new Directlink Wizard do?
With its all-new, intuitive menu navigation, it enables you to send your directlinks faster and easier, and to make them even more secure with individualized watermarks.

Here’s how it works:
Activate the Directlink Wizard with the well-known Directlink symbol.
Easy-to-follow steps lead you intuitively and quickly through the entire set-up process, whether you are experienced with direct links or a first-time user.

As always, first you decide on the directlink’s name, period of validity, the comments and coordination function, and whether video files can be downloaded or not.

In the next step you determine the type of directlink and thus the link’s security level. You can choose between a link with or without a password and a personalized directlink with a one-time password.

Tip: We recommend that you enter the recipients straight into Webgate and activate the access log. This gives you a good overview of who accesses your link, when and how often.

Now the Wizard takes you automatically to the video settings. Here you can determine the resolution and decide if you want to add a
watermark for additional security. You determine the type of watermark in the dropdown menu. As usual, you can use a PNG as a watermark. But now you can also add text for all or an individualized text for each recipient, in order to guarantee the highest level of security. These options can be combined with each other as you wish.
The video settings are always part of the Wizard, even if you are not sharing videos but other files or folders, in case you want to add videos later.

Then, in the new, interactive overall preview in the Directlink Wizard, you can check all your entries and adjust them where necessary.

You will find further information and a function summary at "Share files and media via Directlink".

As always, we are very happy to receive your feedback.
All the best, and have fun doing magic with the Directlink Wizard ;-)

Your Webgate team

Published at: August 10, 2021 06:00 AM

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