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After no less than 32 years, the second part of Manta Manta will be released in German cinemas on March 30. Not only the actors have aged three decades, but also the film technology has developed significantly. While the first part was shot in analog, the second part was recorded with an Alexa Mini as the main camera, and the workflow for the second part is also completely digital.

Some script supervisors still work analog, but for "Manta Manta Zwoter Teil" the script supervisor app LockitScript was used together with the Lockit Webtools. The big advantage here is that all the comments and metadata from the Script Supervisor go digitally into the editing room and into the Webgate dailies platform, and there is no digital break using paper.

Even though the workflow using LockitScript was digital before, the post-production metadata had to be manually enriched with LockitScript metadata. Afterwards, the new metadata was uploaded manually to Webgate, thus enriching the dailies with metadata. This detour is now completely eliminated! All existing metadata can now be transferred from LockitScript to Webgate at the push of a button.

During the production "Manta Manta Zwoter Teil" the connection was discovered rather by chance by DIT Ronny Langer and he was so enthusiastic about it that he worked with it until the end of shooting. We were thus able to prove on a living object that a few clicks are enough to automatically transfer all metadata from LockitScript to Webgate. This saves time and prevents errors.

The new integration between and LockitScript is an innovative solution, made for the smooth delivery of dailies. DITs can save valuable time and focus on creative work while the metadata is automatically and correctly transferred to Want to learn more about the workflow at "Manta Manta Zwoter Teil", you can read a Case Study at Lockit or see how exactly the connection between the two tools works.

Published at: March 29, 2023 05:00 PM

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