Maximum security for your videos with individual watermark settings

Room Settings – Custom Watermarks and Resolutions
In a production environment where every detail counts, the video feedback tool now offers you the ability to tailor settings for watermarks and resolutions for each room. Whether in the editorial, marketing, or dailies room, you can decide individually which watermarks and what video resolutions are best suited for each. This flexibility allows you to precisely meet the needs of each part or department of your project.

New Watermark Settings – Flexibility with Free Text
We’re expanding your security options with our new free-text watermark settings. From now on, you can use not only standard PNG watermarks but also integrate free-text watermarks. This provides you the flexibility to quickly and easily insert texts such as copyright notices, project names, or other important information directly into the image. Perfect for rapid adjustments or when you need to highlight different information in various parts of your projects.

Maximum Security with Personalized Watermarks
At, we're taking the security of your videos to the next level. You can now activate personalized watermarks on a per-room basis. Each video will feature a unique watermark, embedding the user's name and user-id directly into the video overlay. This overlay is permanently rendered into the videos, ensuring that it cannot be easily removed with browser tools.

Automatic Rendering – Say Goodbye to Manual Re-Rendering!
With our new feature of automatic rendering, manual re-rendering is a thing of the past. You can now make adjustments to video resolutions and watermarks, and all changes will be automatically applied not only to future uploads but also to existing derivatives. If you replace a clip or modify a playlist, everything will automatically be re-rendered, including all Directlinks with individual watermarks and resolution settings. Save valuable time and let handle the details.

Tip: For the most precise positioning of text and logo in your watermarks, you can continue to use PNGs with alpha channel in the format of your videos (usually HD resolution). A straightforward and cost-free online tool for creating PNGs is Photopea .

Published at: July 03, 2024 10:00 AM

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