Introducing our new accelerated upload interface is the tool for video feedback and distribution of video data. Webgate has always been able to score with uploads of large amounts of data such as DCPs. However, the previous browser uploader had its limitations especially when uploading a lot of small files. We have now fixed this trade off and reworked the interface of the browser uploader and accelerated it significantly.

Instant start of your upload, increased speed, new design and improved performance when handling uploads with deep folder structures and many files.

Optimized for uploading large files, we used to upload a file parallel in multiple «chunks». Our update now allows you to upload chunks and files to all servers at the same time. This optimally utilizes your available bandwidth and significantly speeds up the upload.

Especially in the sound department often a lot of files with deeply nested folder structures are distributed. These folder structures were already considered in the old uploader and folder levels were taken over one to one. This step has now been further optimized and the addition of entire folders with many files and layers has been greatly accelerated. The entire interface also benefits from this improvement. Uploads are no longer processed sequentially, but sent to our servers in parallel. Pausing, resuming and canceling uploads is also much more responsive.

The new design uses a color scheme and icons to show you at a glance which file types are involved. You will see the file size of each file as well as the speed at which a file is uploaded. Of course we also show you the total progress and the summed up speed of your uploads.

The topic of upload and download in is not finished yet and we will release more improvements for the data exchange in the next months. As always we are looking forward to your feedback.

Published at: September 14, 2022 03:00 AM

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