Upload file attachments to comments and board cards

A common challenge in video approvals is that a simple comment or drawing in one frame might not be sufficient. Sometimes, additional information is required, whether in the form of hand-drawn sketches or Excel lists with tasks. From now on, you can make your approvals in Webgate.io even more efficient without resorting to separate communication channels like emails.

You can attach files of up to 10 MB directly to a comment. Whether it's scribbles, Excel lists, or other file formats – everything you need for a comprehensive approval can now be seamlessly integrated with your comments. All users with the necessary permissions can not only see and write comments but also add attachments to comments and download all comments along with attachments. Even non-registered users who have received an approval link can use this feature.

But Webgate.io doesn't only bring new features to video approvals. In addition to comments, there are also the proven Kanban Boards that facilitate project management and team collaboration. This feature has now been expanded so that you can also upload attachments to Kanban board cards. This integration allows for an even smoother connection of files to specific tasks and helps keep track of project progress. Test the new features today and experience how easy and efficient collaboration in your team can be.

Published at: February 14, 2024 11:00 AM

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