Webgate.io Downloader on Windows

A few weeks ago we released the Webgate.io Downloader for Mac. It allows you to securely download large amounts of data at high speeds.

Today we released the port of Webgate.io Downloader for Windows desktop devices.

Even though most filmmakers work with Apple devices, we know that especially users who work in the digital cinema sector use Windows devices. On-time delivery of a DCP to a cinema for pre-screening, approval or press screening is essential here. A DCP or Digital Cinema Package is the standard playback format for films in digital cinema. Picture and sound of a DCP meet the highest quality standards. As a result, DCPs can quickly exceed 100 GB in size, and secure and fast data exchange is of great importance. This is where the new Webgate.io Downloader for Windows comes into play. With just a few clicks the downloader can be installed even without admin rights and offers the possibility of a fast and reliable download.

Read more in our blog article «Ultra fast downloads and file transfer».

Published at: August 30, 2022 10:00 PM

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