By providing rooms, Webgate enables you to further structure your Webgate project so that all persons involved in your project can access their relevant data.

Rooms can be provided with appropriate roles and rights. The creation of rooms and the allocation of roles and rights is described in 7.1 Creating rooms .

The following default areas are available to you: Dailies, Editorial, VFX, Sound, Trailer and Production.
Also you can create and configure your own rooms.


The Dailies room is the basic feature of the Webgate. In this room, you are able to upload, administrate and provide dailies/rushes to other members in an efficient way.

Editorial and VFX

In the Editorial and VFX areas, you can administrate video clips as well as uploaded files. The video functions correspond to those in the Dailies room. Possible utilisation of these rooms: Present different versions of your cuts to a selected group of people or exchange data of various cuts (i.e. MXF files, ProRes data, bins, etc.) with others. In the VFX room, you can view and comment VFX versions and exchange plates via filesharing.

Sound und Production

The Sound and Production areas enable you an extended structuring for your Webgate project. Use these rooms to make audio contents, music lists, dailies, etc. available to a dedicated group of users.


With the Trailer room, you have the opportunity to present trailers and teasers to your customers or distributors on a separate level. The Trailer room offers streaming and (personalised) download functions. Filesharing is not available in this room.

This is the default configuration and can be customized.