Uploading DCPs for streaming

With Webgate you can convert DCPs into playlists. The prerequisites for a DCP conversion are:

  • - The DCP has to be zipped.
  • - The DCP may only have one reel.
  • - It must be an unencrypted Interop-DCP

To convert a DCP into a playlist, click on "Add file", select the zipped DCP and upload it.

  • The DCP is automatically converted into a 10 Mbit/s Quicktime file once it is completely uploaded. Here, Webgate does the conversion from XYZ to REC709 RGB. After the conversion, the file is available as a source file for another conversion to a playlist. The turning gearwheel shows that the conversion is underway. A playlist can be generated as soon as the gearwheel disappears.
  • To create the playlist, click on the context menu and select "Add shared file as clip to playlist" or "Create playlist for clip".