Suggested upload file specs

As an 'room administrator' you can upload contents to Webgate, manage them or make them available to other users.

Container formats

You can upload clips in the container formats .mxf, .mov, .m4v or mp4 with common codecs like H.264, ProRes etc. which are then converted by Webgate to optimized streaming formats.

To make start timecodes available in the player and the downloadable proxy/streaming files, the uploaded videos must contain a start timecode, for example, through XMP metadata.

Audio channel assignment

The audio channel assignment of the video file should ideally be an interleaved stereo file. You can also upload videos with multi-channel audio to Webgate. In this case Webgate will perform a generic downmix. In the case of 5.1 interleaved audio, Webgate expects the audio channel assignment: L, C, R, LS, RS, LFE. If you upload a video with 5.1 multi-mono tracks to Webgate, the assignment L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS is expected.

If you add a video with 16 multi-mono tracks, Webgate uses channel 1 for left and channel 2 for right.

To optimize your online storage, upload speed and transcoding time, we recommend the following specification:
Codec: H264
Quality: Main or high Profile
Audio format: AAC, 48.0 kHz/16bit, 256 kbit/s, 2 Channel Front LR
Container: .mov, .m4v or .mp4
For 540p
Resolution: 960x540
Data rate: 3000 bis 5000kbit/s (depending on the profile)
For 720p
Resolution: 1280x720
Data rate: 5000 bis 8000kbit/s (depending on the profile)
For 1080p
Resolution: 1920x1080
Data rate: 8000 bis 12000kbit/s (depending on the profile)

Our supported video containers are: .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mxf, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .flv, .wmv