Simplifying role-based access management for sensitive image and video assets

Streaming dailies, deliver source files to the VFX department or presenting a full feature film to the press are just a few steps in your video production workflow. In all these steps a lot of different people are involved. And we know, human errors are the cause of most data breaches.

To limit the risk of a breach by a human mistake we developed a role-based access control system. Furthermore you have full control of these roles and can change each role or create custom roles. In addition your project can be sectioned into rooms. Each room has its own roles. So the same user in one room could have totally different permissions than in other rooms. Thus you can give a person precisely the rights he or she needs to cooperate.

This customizable role system is nothing new for But what is really new is the improved interface to manage these roles and permissions. We make it more accessible to role managers. So from now on you find the role and permission interface in the context menu of each project and room. The right handed role-sidebar when browsing your online workspace shows you your role in the selected room. As a role manager you have also access to the selected room or project roles. Learn more about our Access control interface and system.

Besides the access control features through roles and rights, provides further means to secure your content: The room settings enable you to allow only certain types of data. For example, in a «Dailies» room for video feedback you could restrict the upload to playlists only. You can grant access to low resolution derivatives only or protect your videos with individual watermarks. Requiring two factor authentication from your employees is a great way to to ensure secure accounts. And even sharing videos with externals can be done securely.

Published at: December 22, 2022 08:52 AM

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