Work safely during the corona pandemic

To help you connect and work safely during the corona pandemic, ARRI is offering its Webgate cloud service Studio 500 package for 30 days free of charge*.

As a partner to the entertainment industry, we want to do our bit to help master the severe restrictions that the corona crisis brings with it.

Stay connected
With ARRI Webgate you can save your data in our cloud and, regardless of where your individual team members are located, place comments and corrections on your video files, jointly give clearance to rough cuts using the coordination function, or send image and video files to internal and external partners with Directlinks.

To facilitate working together in this troubled time of limited personal contact, we are happy to now offer you our Studio 500 package for free for 30 days*. The Studio 500 package includes unlimited users, 500 GB of storage space, and 500 transcoding minutes. Simply click here to benefit from this special offer. The offer is aimed at all those who urgently have to communicate with their teams regarding ongoing projects, and who do not yet have their own ARRI Webgate account.

Want to learn more about how ARRI Webgate works? Click here or get in touch with us by sending us an email.

The coronavirus is posing new and unfamiliar challenges. We're all in the same boat. Let's work together to master the tasks that lie before us!

All the best. Keep healthy and calm.

Your ARRI Webgate team

* This offer is valid for all new registrations on ARRI Webgate and is valid until April 13th, 2020 or until further notice.

Published at: March 23, 2020 03:30 PM

Work safely during the coro...

Directlinks with folders

We continuously improve the functionality of ARRI Webgate and are happy to inform you that it is now possible to send an entire folder structure via a Directlink. You can now share not only single files or a folder level, but entire folders including subfolders and files contained via an ARRI Webgate Directlink.

So what's new about this?
The recipient of a Directlink can navigate the existing folder structure of a shared folder without leaving the Directlink.

Creating a Directlink to a folder is now no longer a snapshot of the folder at a certain point in time, but a real time image of the folder and its structure in your ARRI Webgate project.

Changes you make to a folder are also made simultaneously in the Directlink. If objects are added to a shared folder, they will automatically appear in the Directlink. The folder is always up to date. If objects are moved or deleted from the shared folder, they will also disappear in the Directlink.

How do I know it's a shared folder?
The paper plane icon is displayed on folders, that are included in a Directlink. Upon navigating into the shared folder a message box will inform you that the folder is included in a Directlink.

What happens to my old Directlinks with folders?
Old Directlinks to a folder are not affected by the change and will remain a snapshot of the state of the folder at the time of creation.

Now, how do I download the entire folder structure?
As a recipient of the Directlink, you can download all files included in the shared folder. However, the folder structure is currently not preserved when using the ZIP download. Stay tuned and we'll let you know once this works (within the next few weeks).

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Published at: January 30, 2020 01:00 PM

Directlinks with folders

@all - It's time to show emotions

Now you can communicate even more efficiently and mention those users in the comments for whom your statement is particularly relevant. Use the @-symbol to mention the person you want to address and they will receive a notification via the bell.

You can also underline your comments with emoticons now :-) . Scott Fahlman already realized 33 years ago that online communication can easily lead to misunderstandings, as neither gestures nor facial expressions nor pitches can be transmitted.

Especially in large teams, when a personal contact between two team members may not have taken place yet, a clear understanding of the feedback transmitted is important.

Understanding irony or critical statements via text is often difficult for the other person, which is why emoticons can help you to clarify the meaning of the statements and reduce misunderstandings. Read more about emoticons on Business Insider .

Published at: October 30, 2019 11:00 PM

@all - It's time to show em...

Vote via keyboard shortcuts in fullscreen mode

Now you can operate ARRI Webgate even better. Save time and clicks and use the practical keyboard shortcuts to navigate through your gallery or playlist. We show you how it's done and why this is so useful for your teamwork.

Which keyboard shortcuts are there?

No matter if you're in a gallery or a playlist: you can always use the shortcuts. For example just press the space key to start and stop a video. The same goes for hitting the „K“ button. With the arrow keys you can jump to the next or the prior frame. When you hit the „L“ the video plays faster. „J“ does the opposite.

If you press shift and one of the arrow keys simultaneously while watching your video, you can move ten seconds forward or backwards. In combination with the alt key it is just five seconds, and only two in combination with Ctrl.

Voting, commenting, and finding comments

These keyboard shorcuts will ease and enhance your workflow. But they are even more useful for your teamwork. By pressing „C“ all comments are displayed. If you combine it with shift you can comment yourself.

You are working on a movie project and need to quickly navigate through your comments? Again the shortcuts can help you with that. Press the dot key „ . “ to jump to the next comment in the project. Hit the comma button „ , “ if you want to go to the previous one.

You can set in- and outpoints by pressing „Ctrl“ in combination with „I“ or „O“, „I“ for in, „O“ for out. It doesn't stop there. Combine the arrow keys with alt and move your in- & out-point one frame ahead or back or jump straight to your set markers.

But sometimes there is no time even for that. No comments, no in- and out-points, you just want to rate certain sequences. You can do that - quick and easy - with the shortcuts. Just hit the „3“ to like the chosen spot. If you're in between „2“ is your choice. If you don't like what you see press the „1“. All in all a simple and logic system to rate and vote, that will blend in with your daily work intuitively.

Key combination overview appears in your galleries and playlists

No matter how intuitive those shortcuts and combinations are we don't expect you to learn them by heart. That's why you find them in the sidebar on the right hand side when you're in your gallery or playlist. Just click on the keyboard symbol and a list will open up with all keyboard combinations – including the ones described in this text.

The biggest plus: They all work in fullscreen mode

We know that most movie projects are mostly watched in fullscreen mode. So we made all shortcuts work in fullscreen as well. This comes in handy especially for the rating since you don't have to exit the fullscreen mode to rate a certain sequence. Just a simple hit on 1, 2, or 3, a jump to the next sequence and the numbers game can start again.

This helps to work more efficiently and makes your teamwork easier because the assessment of a scene or a certain element is far quicker. It also means that feedback is given faster and the project moves faster.

More information for example on how to vote in general can be found in our guide.

Your ARRI Webgate Team

Published at: August 20, 2019 08:00 AM

Vote via keyboard shortcuts...

ARRI Webgate Directlink: Comment on clips without logging in

Filming is done and the movie is ready to be cut. But how do you do that if the director is in Los Angeles and the editor is in Berlin? Pretty easy. Use ARRI Webgate Directlinks.

Comment without login

And this is how it's done: Upload the clips you want someone to comment on into a playlist. After that click on Directlink and choose your basic settings. Pick a name, generate a link, and send it to the people that you want to see the sequence. And now the exciting part: The person that is supposed to see and evaluate the version doesn't need to be registered with ARRI Webgate. This means also people outside the project and customers can state their opinion - frame by frame.

Safety first: limit the validity of your link

Giving outsiders access to unpublished material can stop a heartbeat for some, for others it leads to pure anxiety. But securing your data was and is one of the main focus points while developing the Directlinks. Starting with the basic settings you can select how long the link is valid: From six hours to over a year to any date you like.
On top of that, you can decide if the Screener links are available for download or just for streaming. You can even decide if someone is allowed to comment or if it is only a poll for a certain sequence. This is useful for valuations of different versions of a VFX shot and to decide which version will end up in the movie.

Password protection for your Directlink

This is not where the protection ends. Your clips can be password protected as well. Distribute the password separately and directly to the person that you would like to watch the clip. Ideally you choose another channel than the one you used for sending the Directlink, this can be text messages or via phone.

Even more security with user restriction and watermarks

There are even more possibilities to protect your intellectual property. For example, if you would like to send a Directlink to journalists so that they can write about your film before it premiers. With ARRI Webgate you simply place a watermark with the journalist’s name or a certain code on the content so that an illegal transfer can be traced back to the source.
On top of that, you can restrict the usage, or amount of times the link can be accessed. Choose how often your content can be watched or restrict the content to certain users. Once the limit has been reached, the Directlink is deactivated and can no longer be accessed. By the way, you can choose to get notified via email every time someone watches your scenes.

Support comments with drawings

Besides security features and eased communication, one of the main goals of the Directlinks is making working together as simple as possible is. Hence, ARRI Webgate does not only allow you to comment frame by frame but you can also draw onto the pictures and sequences to stress your point. This is very helpful if, for instance, something needs to be taken out of a sequence or a frame and you have to let the post production know. You could either do that by writing a very specific and long text, or you just take the easy way out and comment: “Please erase the highlighted element.” on the specific scene and give your feedback via the Directlink. This is quickly done and you can go on to the next task. You have given precise instructions and saved a lot of time. This is how Directlinks can make your film project more efficient and your workflow easier.

Import comments into your editing software

All comments can be exported as Avid Markers and can also be reimported into the Avid. Change requests can be reassembled easily in the editorial. Besides an Avid Marker file also an Adobe XMP file can be exported as well.

If you're interested in Directlinks take a look at our other blog article, you will find it here. We explained how the enhanced Directlinks overview makes your work easier.
And if this is not enough you can find even more information on Directlinks in our Guide.

Your ARRI Webgate Team

Published at: June 30, 2019 02:00 PM

ARRI Webgate Directlink: Co...

Extensive roles and permissions management for your dailies and film projects

With ARRI Webgate you can easily adapt and configure user roles and permissions for your dailes and film projects. Edit roles and permissions and tailor all access settings to the needs and requirements of your project.

What are roles and permissions?
We offer five default user roles for every new project that you create. Those are member, user, owner, project admin and project controller. A permission enables a user to do certain things within your project, i.e. comment on a clip. A role is a combination of different permissions. In ARRI Webgate you can edit roles and combine different permissions to create roles that fit your requirements.

Flexibility within our user management
A user can have one or more roles and each role can have different permissions. This allows for maximum flexibility in organizing your users and teammates within your film project.

Room- and project roles
The permission system distinguishes client, room and project roles. Room roles apply to chosen rooms only, whereas project roles apply to the entire project and thus to all rooms. Client roles apply to all projects belonging to a client. A room is the highest folder within a project. You can have several rooms within one project and on the same level. Assign different roles for different rooms to your users and share content with only the group of people it is meant for. Stay in control of access rights.

Client roles
Client admins can edit all client settings. For reasons of access control and security, you will be notified via email once another client admin is added to or removed from your client.

Tailored to your needs
Create new roles, edit existing ones and adjust them to fit your project requirements. As a project admin it is important to always keep track of your teammates' roles. Use the Users tab in the sidebar of the ARRI Webgate Browser to get a quick overview. You will find all users that can access your project with their corresponding roles there.
We have now added the possibility to see roles and permissions for every project user as well. Within the user sidebar the new tab Roles tells you which roles and permissions you have in every project and room. Go to our guide to see extensive information on permissions and roles.

We are looking forward to your feedback and comments via the contact form.
The ARRI Webgate Team

Published at: April 10, 2019 10:00 PM

Extensive roles and permiss...

Enhanced Overview for your Directlinks and shared media

Share media via the ARRI Webgate Directlink

Share content with clients and team members and send files, videofiles and playlists using our Directlinks. Allow collaborators with or without an account to access your mediafiles. Set up each directlink to your liking - allow users to comment and vote on your media. Determine how often a link can be accessed and choose to be notified via email whenever your directlink is visited. Provide screening links with or without the option to download content, use a watermark to add a layer of security and protect your link with a password . Always stay in control of your media.

Always stay on top of your directlinks

You keep track of the data you share via directlinks. Now we help you to keep track of your directlinks.

Access the new directlinks overview via the 'Directlinks' menu item in the footer menu of the ARRI Webgate Browser. Two become one - the new button Search and show now combines both the functionality to 'search' for a link and to 'show all' directlinks. The new enhanced overview helps you get work done faster and improves your workflow.

One overview, fewer clicks, improved workflow

Gone are the times of jumping back and forth between popup windows. Open the directlink overview in a separate browser window and work on different projects simultaneously - the combined search and view functionalities make searching, filtering and finding directlinks quick, easy and efficient.

New and enhanced sorting and filtering options

We have added further filtering options to our list. So far you could filter for directlink name, directlink type (upload or download), directlink url, creator and validity. Now you can filter your directlinks using even more criteria:

- source folder of your data,
- watermarks and
- frequently accessed directlinks.

Improved navigation among source folder and directlink

Jump from the directlinks overview page straight into the source folder of your media. Save time and keep track of your shared and linked data.

All valid and invalid directlinks are part of one combined list now to facilitate your search. Hide invalid links and see only what's important.

Keep editing your directlinks in the overview using the context menu.

We look forward to hearing your feedback. You can reach out for ideas for improvement via the contact form.

Your ARRI Webgate Team

Published at: April 01, 2019 07:09 AM

Enhanced Overview for your ...

Metadata Export for the ARRI Webgate dailies platform

Pomfort Silverstack Lab: Metadata Export for ARRI Webgate
Use Silverstack Lab by Pomfort for your data management and as a dailies tool to grade and export your dailies. It supports Digital Image Technicians (DIT) and Data Wranglers directly on set.

Metadata Export for the ARRI Webgate dailies platform

Silverstack Lab now has a dedicated ARRI Webgate Avid Log Exchange (ALE) Metadata export function. This enables you to easily upload your rushes including metadata into ARRI Webgate. Do this directly on set, after the color grading is done. Improve your DIT workflow and easily move your data from your data management- to your dailies tool.

When exporting data for ARRI Webgate from Silverstack Lab, the latter preselects the correct export settings for you. All the metadata you have in Silverstack Lab will be available in ARRI Webgate. Information on scene, shot and take will be matched to the corresponding clip in ARRI Webgate.

From White Flagged Takes to Circle Takes

Tag your footage as ‘good shots’ using the white flag feature in Silverstack Lab and export your data for the ARRI Webgate dailies platform. Import your data and all ‘good shots’ will be tagged as circle takes. Use your metadata to keep track of your valuable shots across both - ARRI Webgate and Silverstack Lab platforms and optimize your DIT workflow.

Export and transfer your feedback into ARRI Webgate

Your team has already collected feedback on your footage or provided shot descriptions? Suggestions for improvements have been made? Your valuable feedback will not be lost when exporting for and importing into ARRI Webgate.

All comments on clips made in Silverstack Lab will be transferred into ARRI Webgate and can easily be viewed. Select a comment and the player will jump to the corresponding clip. See when a comment was made, what was commented on and who created the comment. Your creative work process can move from Silverstack to ARRI Webgate without interruptions. Provide even better feedback by using ARRI Webgate’s drawing feature and draw directly on the video.

For your colleagues and teammates to be able to see and access comments, their user accounts will need the ‘comment and vote’ permission. The user roles ‘User’, ‘Owner’, and ‘Project Admin’ have this permission by default. To grant a ‘Member’ role the permission to see and access comments, it is sufficient to create a new role with the corresponding rights and assign it to the user. If you do not have the necessary permissions to do this, contact your project administrator, who can do this for you.

Metadata Workflow with ARRI Webgate

Metadata can be imported into ARRI Webgate via ALE files, a file format made for managing your metadata and supported by most systems. The information included in your ALE metadata file will be matched with clips in ARRI Webgate. All you need to do, to make this work is follow a few naming guidelines, further explained in our guide.

ARRI Webgate Dailies Player

Use the ARRI Webgate Dailies Player App for IOS to view your dailies and to filter and sort your shots by metadata, including scene or shootdate.

Published at: February 19, 2019 03:00 PM

Metadata Export for the ARR...

Transcoding Up to Date

ARRI Webgate is even more flexible now, with additional input formats. By upgrading our transcoding pipeline, we support more file formats and it is possible to convert DNxHR files up to 2k and GoPro Cineform files into streaming derivatives.

For our transcoding pipeline we have introduced a new and improved logic. Render queues run smarter and waiting times are kept to a minimum. In addition, we have added extra transcoders to ARRI Webgate to enable more parallel renderings. All ARRI Webgate cloud computers are now networked with 10 Gbit/s. This helps to improve the performance of uploads, renderings and the video playback.

For a better sound experience, we've increased the audio data rate for 720p and 1080p streaming files to 256kbps. On the image side we achieved an improved color reproduction for REC709. For an optimal color fidelity, we recommend Safari and Chrome for MAC systems, and Chrome for Windows systems. On iPads and iPhones, the color fidelity is guaranteed in all major browsers and of course in the Dailies Player App. For color-critical approvals, we recommend the use of an iPad, since the color accuracy for REC709 is very high.

Published at: January 16, 2019 09:00 AM

Transcoding Up to Date

Improved access control for your dailies tool

Improve team collaboration with the new User Sidebar. The member view provides optimal transparency in your dailies projects. Know at a glance who has access to a project or a room and see their roles and permissions. Allow users to see the list of all team members.

Easy role management: admins can quickly change their users' permissions, limit access and reset team members' passwords. With only one click users can be removed from a project or from the entire client.

The new user sidebar is automatically displayed for newly created projects. It is deactivated for existing projects, but can be activated at any time in the project settings. ARRI Webgate, the perfect software for your dailies and review workflow.

Published at: December 03, 2018 10:00 AM

Improved access control for...