Custom watermark text configuration

Your video content is your most important asset! As soon as you collaborate in teams, especially in large or global teams, the protection of your assets becomes more important. Not to speak of sharing content with third parties before a major release. Watermarks and especially personalized watermarks are of great importance here. The more content has to be personalized for users, the greater the administrative effort and possible sources of error. provides a remedy here: while setting up your Directlink automatic personalizations that are really burned into the videos can be activated simply via checkbox for all invited persons.

To avoid problems with subtitles or requirements from film, TV companies and distributors, you can now customize the appearance of personalized watermarks.

You can adjust both the position and opacity to your needs. will take care of the details so you can focus on the creative aspects. This makes your secure video distribution platform for video reviews, your post production, press releases and all other video projects with high security standards.

Published at: March 07, 2022 11:00 PM

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Stream and share videos with 4K Ultra HD playback

Customers and partners expect a sharp and crisp image from a professional video production. Especially for restoration projects or new high resolution productions, you want to share and show your videos in the best quality.

We've added 4K UHD to the render pipeline. To enable 4K UHD for your project streaming and download derivatives, you have to activate the resolution as allowed in the project settings. Take into account that your audience must have the necessary bandwidth and screen resolution to watch 4K videos.

From our tools for your media production we would like to highlight one in particular. Our online video player allows you to zoom in and out of videos. In addition to a breathtaking streaming quality, the 4K playback enables your audience to examine enlarged sections of the image in high quality. This is especially useful if you use as a video review tool.

For those who want to know more in detail: The resolution of 4K UHD is 3840 x 2160. Our streaming files are created in the color space Rec 709. We have chosen a data rate of 10 Mbit/s for your high quality streaming.

Published at: March 06, 2022 11:00 PM

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Improved Video Review

In the last weeks we had some conversations with our users. We wanted to learn more about workflows and how you use the video player. We received valuable feedback and feature requests from project managers, editors, DITs, cameramen and women. Some of them we could already implement.

Many use as a video review tool. A fast, easy and familiar navigation is key. That's why we had already implemented shortcuts like in Avid at the beginning of the year. Today's update generates thumbnails over the entire time span of the clip. When you touch the timeline with the mouse, a preview image is displayed. So you can find the right frame in a flash.

If you use our new metadata management and store circle take information, you can filter for it in the upper right corner. You can also filter for clips that contain comments. Ideal for checking or processing QA comments.

A new fullscreen view, automatic fade in/out of controls and fixing the clip navigator in fullscreen mode are among other minor improvements of the update.

If you also want to give feedback or have a feature request, please drop us a line. We are looking forward to it.

Published at: February 27, 2022 11:00 PM

Improved Video Review

Manage all metadata in one place

With the help of metadata, important information is stored in the files that can facilitate your entire workflow. These should be maintained and completed from the beginning to the end of your project. In addition to technical data like frame count, time code, bit rates, they can also contain content information such as reel, scene, take and QA comments. These are collected during the production by the camera, the DIT, the Script Supervisor or the Editor. offers a faster and more efficiently way to edit and create metadata within your image and video production. Once you have uploaded your data starts auto-crawling your files for technical metadata. Collected metadata can be imported via an Avid Log Exchange file (ALE) and automatically assigned to all your clips of a shooting day. now offers a simple interface to manually change metadata of your organized inventory of data assets and your managed shooting days.

When opening the info sidebar, you can view images/videos and edit the metadata at the same time. If you change a picture or clip, the sidebar will be updated as well. This allows you e.g. to change slate information of videos more efficiently. allows you to search by specific metadata fields or combine searches in order to filter results. With existing scene information clips of the same scene from A and B camera will be shown next to each other.

Published at: January 24, 2022 08:00 AM

Manage all metadata in one ...

Avid like Online Video Playback

When evaluating dailies, a cut or VFX shot, good video navigation is essential. You want to watch a cut again, evaluate a comp in more detail or you were simply distracted for a moment and want to rewind.

Our Video Player is based on the video navigation of Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. So you can use the familiar shortcuts like J, K and L also within

When pressing L you can play forwards and with J backwards. Multiple presses will increase the playback speed. If your browser supports it, it will even play a pitched audio. With K you stop the video and reset the playback speed. If you want to reduce the playback speed, you can also activate a SlowMo via the burger menu of the player. And also the shortcuts for in and out points are now based on Avid. You can navigate through the video frame by frame with the left and right arrow keys.

You can find all shortcut functions directly in the player in the shortcut sidebar or in the video feedback tool section.

Published at: January 19, 2022 02:00 PM

Avid like Online Video Play...

Video sharing with a limited number of views

Directlinks often contain sensitive information such as unreleased movies or TV films. Especially here it is of enormous importance that you keep full control over your data. One component for secure sharing of movies and films can be the number of possible views. The value is set when the Directlink is created and specifies how often a link can be viewed.

We distinguish between personalized Directlinks where Webgate sends the invitation and each user receives his own link, and self send Directlinks, where one and the same link is created for several users.

If a person is invited via with a personalized Directlink, with for example three possible views, the invitee can open the link once on the smartphone, iPad and laptop. After that, all views are blocked. The invitee can watch the film multiple times in the same session on the identical device.

The maximum limit also applies to self send Directlinks, but does not differentiate between the users. No matter who accesses the link, every view counts. If the limit is reached, the link is blocked for all.

If you want to reset the counter of a Directlink, you can do this either for all links at once or for single users. In the context menu of the Directlink in the sidebar you can reset all views at once, in the admin view of the Directlink you can reset the counter for individual invitees.

Published at: January 13, 2022 09:00 AM

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ARRI Webgate is becoming We’re also changing our domain from to We’re changing the name, but keeping the same easy way to collect video feedback, host files and share your high value video footage.

We change the name due to the sale of ARRI Media GmbH to the SL Unternehmens-Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. We’re also looking forward delivering our modern video workflow through a shorter and more expressive name and domain.

What is happening with your account and projects?

All your account details and project data stay the same. You should start using our new domain When using our old address you will be redirected to the new one starting December 15. You still log in with the same credentials as before but you may need to update your password vault.
If you are using the Webgate API you need to change the domain from to If you are the owner of a Whitelabel domain it will be automatically changed to the domain 'yoursubdomain' Visitors of your old whitelabel URL will be automatically redirected to the new domain, you don't have to take any action.

What is happening with your Directlinks?

All your previously generated and shared Directlinks will automatically redirected to our new domain.

If you have further questions write to our new support email at or using our contact form. We’re happy to help!

Published at: December 09, 2021 07:00 AM


Webgate Player Update: Bringing your video into focus.

The Webgate player is not an ordinary video player. It is built to meet the needs of video professionals and the special requirements of the film industry and their modern video workflow. This includes features like zoom, pan, video matte, playback speed, secure personalised watermarks, metadata information, video review capabilities and many more.

We recently updated our video player due to your feedback of our users. Here are some improvements we made:

We increased the visible video area, but keeping all necessary informations in spot. Your video is automatically scaled to fit your viewport while showing your dailies and playlist clips. Even in fullscreen mode you can now access the clip navigation and their scene take information . By hitting «Shift + F» you can toggle clip navigation while watching your high quality video material.

A video feedback is more expressive with a drawing or scribble on the specific frame. Thats why we added the drawing feature directly to the player. By clicking the brush symbol in the upper right corner the player switches to drawing mode. After you finished your drawing you can save and comment it. We also enabled drawing in fullscreen mode for a distraction-free experience.

If you have further requirements or feedback feel free to write us at

Published at: November 08, 2021 09:37 AM

Webgate Player Update: Brin...

Collect feedback directly from your Outlook and Mail contacts

It has never been easier to invite people from Outlook or Mail directly to Webgate. It doesn't matter if you want to collect feedback on videos, invite people to your projects and online storage, or share videos securely.

You can now copy your existing email distribution lists, contacts from the Outlook address books or entire address lines from your emails and simply paste them into Webgate. Simply select the desired contacts, copy them with Cmd + C and paste them into the Webgate input field with Cmd + V. All valid email addresses will now be added at once, no matter if an email address or the name of a contact is displayed in the address bar of your mail program. Everything that is not an e-mail address will be filtered out automatically. If non-valid email addresses are part of the text, you will also receive an error message with a list of the unaccepted email addresses.

The whole thing also works with documents like PDF, Excel or Word. Here you can also copy text and email addresses together and paste them into Webgate. This is how you integrate Webgate as video review and collaboration software into your existing workflows.

Published at: September 15, 2021 09:00 AM

Collect feedback directly f...

A step-by-step guide to configuring directlinks

Your feedback drives us – We are very happy to present to you the new Directlink Wizard.

What does the new Directlink Wizard do?
With its all-new, intuitive menu navigation, it enables you to send your directlinks faster and easier, and to make them even more secure with individualized watermarks.

Here’s how it works:
Activate the Directlink Wizard with the well-known Directlink symbol.
Easy-to-follow steps lead you intuitively and quickly through the entire set-up process, whether you are experienced with direct links or a first-time user.

As always, first you decide on the directlink’s name, period of validity, the comments and coordination function, and whether video files can be downloaded or not.

In the next step you determine the type of directlink and thus the link’s security level. You can choose between a link with or without a password and a personalized directlink with a one-time password.

Tip: We recommend that you enter the recipients straight into Webgate and activate the access log. This gives you a good overview of who accesses your link, when and how often.

Now the Wizard takes you automatically to the video settings. Here you can determine the resolution and decide if you want to add a
watermark for additional security. You determine the type of watermark in the dropdown menu. As usual, you can use a PNG as a watermark. But now you can also add text for all or an individualized text for each recipient, in order to guarantee the highest level of security. These options can be combined with each other as you wish.
The video settings are always part of the Wizard, even if you are not sharing videos but other files or folders, in case you want to add videos later.

Then, in the new, interactive overall preview in the Directlink Wizard, you can check all your entries and adjust them where necessary.

You will find further information and a function summary at "Share files and media via Directlink".

As always, we are very happy to receive your feedback.
All the best, and have fun doing magic with the Directlink Wizard ;-)

Your Webgate team

Published at: August 10, 2021 06:00 AM

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