Search and filter items

  • To search and filter items, please select the folder or project to be searched.
  • Select "Standard" search to look for general contents or metadata like name, keywords, scene, shoot date or take.
  • You can search and filter items which are directly contained in a folder or you can include all subfolders by checking the checkbox.
  • After you have made your settings, click "Search"

Browser - filter and search items

  • For a more detailed search use our "Advanced search".
  • After selecting a category, you can choose a field to be searched. Depending on the field type you are able to select between following logical operators:

    Operators Meaning
    = Equal
    =~ Contains
    < Less than
    <= Less than or equal to
    > Greater than
    >= Greater than or equal to
    include include one of the entered words
    include all include all of the entered words
  • You can join multiple requests by selecting "AND" in the drop box to improve your search results